First Aid Washproof Bandage

First Aid Washproof Bandage
  • Consists of medicated pad placed at the center of a self adhesive backing substrate which is either  plastic (PVC or PE film); and of  rectangular shape.
  • for everyday wounds ,cuts an scrapes the washproof bandage provieds optimum coverage for faster healing.
  • The bandage are water resistant ,extra absorbent and dries quickly.
  • Quick stick properties to provide instant adhesion and provides film adhesion to skin.
  • strong adhesion for long lasting stay and easy to apply.


Material PVC & PE Film
Bandage Size 19 mm x 72 mm
Packaging Type Pet transparent jar
Usage For Cuts, Grazes and Burns
Pack Size 100 Strips in a Jar
144 jar in a case
Brand HI-AID